This Is How You Graduate (17 Photos)

In honor of the class of 2020, here are some classic graduation photos from the TFM Archive. Got a good graduation photo? Post it here.

The final shotgun. TFM.
Celebrating your graduation by shotgunning on the lake. TFM.
Going out in style. TFM.
That postgrad wave of TFTC.
7am Champagne Showers for Graduation. TFM.
Post graduation keg stand. TFM.
It’s a celebration, bitches. TFM.
The graduation pregame. TFM.
Finishing in style. TFM.
Not letting your big bro graduate without one last natty gun. TFM.
Getting caught with a mid-graduation flask. TFM.
Shotgunning on the campus statue for graduation. TFM.
Ending your undergraduate career the same way you started it. TFM.
Gamecock graduation. TFM.
This graduation cap. TFM.
If you graduate with abs you fucked up.
Natty Light promoting graduation. TFM.

And checkout this incredible lineup of commencement speeches Natty organized on Facebook: Tap here to watch the full lineup

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