Fail Friday: Dart to the Scrote

It’s Friday. Time to revel in the failures of our brothers and sisters across the country.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

― Winston S. Churchill

Got a good fail video or photo? Post it here.

He’s been quarantined for months, it’ll take him a bit to get his sea legs back. [via zach12young]
There’s an easier way to remove that leaf. [via totalsimpmove]
Played it chill.
Damn that was Vineyard Vines [via IG @morning_blitz]
Right in the scrotum. Pinned it to his leg. [via @cadematthess]
If he had white New Balances on this wouldn’t have happened. [via @corykephart9]
You’ve gotta exhale, Drunkle Steve. [via IG @kevinonkevin]
Mel Kiper says he lacks explosion. [via IG @Julia_zlotkowski]
Yeah just suck the fiery embers into your lungs.
Dammit Pike.

The Chaser: Ashley Marie, University of Florida

The lovely Ashleyymariee is here to wash away the failure from your eyes.

See more photos of Ashley here.

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