Fail Friday: Brain Damage For The Boys (11 Videos)

It’s Friday. Time to revel in the failures of our brothers and sisters across the country.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatness.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Got a good fail video or photo? Post it here.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” -Thomas H. Palmer [via jacobkrause21]
#sponsored by Truly [via hcunni20]
Rub his nose in it and send him outside. [via g6k4]
A young Tony Robbins [via whywempa]
Please respect social distancing rules during these difficult times. [via mlivingston4]
Quite the scene. [via heng_vong21]
Honesty this looks kinda fun. [via aristotle_gold]
The Exterminator. [via tsprizzle]
Put it in rice. [via reesebishop3]
It’s all in the hips. [via burkeyyy]
It’s funny because he’s fat. [via johnnyrocket646]

The Chaser: Emily Faulkner, Bama ΦΜ

The lovely golfergirlem is here to wash away the failure from your eyes.

See Emily’s profile and more photos of here.

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